Business District Milano 2
Business District Milano 2

Business District Milano 2


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Milano 2 which was first conceived in 1968 is the first Italian example of a green town equipped with all facilities satisfying the needs of the inhabitants and the people from the surrounding areas.

Situated in the outskirts of Milan, 7 km from the city center, Milano 2 is the successful outcome of long research and studies of the most advanced urban projects all over the world. The project was carried out by a professional group of architects of Edilnord Progetti Spa, the architecture firm led by Giancarlo Ragazzi, together with famous sociologists and technical experts.

Planned to detail, the new suburb offers high environmental quality, with plenty of green areas, restaurants, shops, a hotel, offices and conference rooms, sports facilities, a religious center, and playgrounds.

The town was planned for a population of 10.000 people and includes 2.600 living units. One of the principal characteristics of this new town is the separation of the roads from footpaths and bicycle lanes. Therefore Milano 2 can be considered as a huge pedestrian 'green island' where people can reach all the public places, sports facilities, schools and all the facilities of the town safely and surrounded by a natural environment.

The offices located in Milano 2 represent a successful architectural solution of the workspaces with its technologies and facilities. Inspired by the most modern European and American examples, the project gives the most attention to the quality of life of the workers. The complex is part of a landscape where modern and elegant buildings are equipped with the newest technologies surrounded by greenery and connected with plenty of spaces for pedestrians. 

The business district is located next to Milano 2 in order to easily access all facilities and services of the town (hotel, residences, shopping mall, banks, restaurants, sports facilities).

The layout is developed with a big open court for pedestrians: food and beverage outlets and banking services are placed on the ground floor and surrounded by arcades facing the green court with a fountain and benches in the center. The underground parking area was designed to minimize the visual impact of the cars and to emphasize the relationship with the surrounding nature.

Placed in Segrate and close to Milano 2, the complex is reachable in a short period of time from the city center of Milan by car or public transportation.



Edilnord 2000 S.p.a.

building dimension

size: 40.800 m²


in collaboration with Edilnord Progetti S.p.A. - photo credits: L. Macchiavelli


1970 - 1980