Le Case nel Parco - Spina 3
Le Case nel Parco - Spina 3

Le Case nel Parco - Spina 3


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The mixed-use complex Spina 3 - Vitali represents a unique opportunity to redesign one of the biggest unused industrial areas of Turin. In its urban context, Spina 3 becomes a fundamental link between the city and a public park nearby thus introducing a new attraction and revitalizing an important area of Turin. It addresses Turin's problem of a lack of public spaces in surrounding areas.
A pedestrian path is placed between open court buildings and towers and crosses the area totally surrounded by public green.

The complex Spina 3 is based on a plurality of functions in order to grant a mix of activities and thus a mix of users:
- a business district on the east side of the area with offices and a shopping mall
- a complex with hotels, restaurants and a big food store on the west side
- a residential area between the two complexes
- the urban park south of the area

Key points of the project:

- high use of plants and green along the buildings (green roofs, balconies, private gardens)
- visual relation between city and urban park thanks to the 'pilotis' at the ground floors 
- bow-windows as transparent volumes towards the city and the park
- social integration thanks to a percentage of council flats
- open court buildings with a height decreasing from 10 floors towards the city to 4 floors southwards to get better integration with the urban park
- towers with a maximum height of 14 floors maximize the use of the ground dedicated to playgrounds and public park

Cars are hidden thanks to the three-level underground parking which maximizes the number of pedestrian pathways and allows views on the park and city.


Cinque Cerchi S.p.A.

building dimension

size: 113.000 mĀ²


Europrogetti, Maire Engineering, Studio Mellano AssociatiĀ - Rendering: Utopix


2009 - 2014